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   You are a victim of Assault & Battery.........or maybe not. Perhaps you are a friend, fellow player, or family member. In any case, we welcome you to the website. Assault & Battery Scenario Paintball Team is a group of dedicated scenario paintball players from the Central and Eastern Virginia area who have come together to enjoy the game of scenario paintball.

   Assault & Battery finds the unique game of Scenario paintball a great opportunity for teamwork, camraderie, and sportsmanship. Many of us work in Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Careers and the game of scenario paintball lends itself well to these skill sets. The chance to use the tactical experience, strategic planning, and bravado that doesn't necessarily exist in other sports. We strive to compete, excel, enjoy, and be upstanding and outstanding member of the paintball community.

   The members of this team truly enjoy the game and it's competitiveness. We have strived to be an example team. Assault & Battery holds honor and sportmanship above all other values. Every game is played with a smile, with friends made, and handshakes given. An effort is always made for the betterment of scenario paintball. Taking on new players, physically challenged players, roleplaying roles, command roles and underdog roles is common place for the Assault & Battery Scenario Paintball Team. We love the game and the people and we sure have our share of fun.